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Are you ready to experience leading from massive inner safety?  Imagine what could be possible.

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The Nervous System Reset Online Experience

Ready to jump in to deep-root nervous system work? Start here! This is where you can learn the fundamentals in a LIVE 4 week course with Kari. 

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The 4-Hour 1:1 Deep Dive with Kari

Build a deep awareness of how safety has been set into your body, so you can start to dismantle safety patterns that no longer serve you.

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1:1 Coaching w/ Kari: Leadership Reclamation

Re-wire your nervous system to produce a rooted sense of inner safety, deepen your power, and have an embodied confidence in how you lead your life.

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"I’ve been doing personal development for over 15 years and nothing has moved the needle like the nervous system work Kari provides. I'm no longer overriding my inner wisdom and I'm able to make clearer decisions based on my intuition and deeper knowledge. It's as if my emotional capacity and tolerance has expanded beyond my expectations. I’ve never known safety in myself like this before and I’m so excited to see what lies on the horizon as I step into this new powerful body, mind, and soul."

Holistic Health Coach and Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Kari.

I am a certified coach from the Newfield Network Institute and have coached executives and board members of influential companies, entrepreneurs, mothers, coaches, and leaders in the health and wellness sectors. Previously, I specialized in coaching mothers through my program The Integrated Woman and my retreat, Threshold, by using a unique style of coaching grounded in nature connection work, breath work, ritual, linguistic distinctions, somatic practices and powerful execution of action steps toward a declared vision.

Most recently, I realized that the culmination of my work has led to where the root of most of our choices live - the nervous system. I now support ALL women in excavating layers of safety patterns through a combination of deep intuitive work with the sub-conscious, somatic practices, and traditional ontological coaching. My mission is to support true feminine leadership by helping women build massive safety in their bodies in order to courageously live their values.

In my career, I studied under and supported elite coach Scott Coady, in his program The Art of Leadership Mastery, one of the top Somatic Leadership programs in the country. I also studied under Julio Olilla, founder and master coach of the Newfield Ontological Institute in Colorado. I have worked side-by-side with authors/speakers and coaches Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos in their programs: Stretch 22, Business Breakthrough and Bridge.

My background includes leading and facilitating Rites of Passage work for individuals, assisting with life transition, leadership, and personal growth through powerful individual and group coaching. My biggest soul trainings have come from my two children and involvement with the Native American church, which has supported my path for almost a decade.


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Podcast w/ Bek Antonucci: Healing your Nervous System and Reclaiming your Power

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