Introduce yourself to your Nervous System

4 Hour Nervous System Deep Dive with Kari Azuma

Build a deep awareness of how safety has been set into your body, so you can start to dismantle safety patterns that no longer serve you.


Here's the truth:

You can't believe everything you think


When your primal safety kicks in, in addition to ineffective safety patterns that may have been set long ago- you can't out-think, or out-practice your body's desire to go into survival mode. 

AND, you don't have to keep living in survival!

Exploring your safety patterns can open up so much understanding as to why you experience certain repetitive "triggers" in your life.  

These 4 hours will help you:

  • Take the first steps to getting out of the patterns or "loops" that keep you in states of fight, flight, and freeze. 
  • Build awareness of why you might take certain actions that aren't aligned, even when you know it's not serving you
  • Give you foundational practices to build new safety pathways in your body and support regulation
I'm ready, SIGN ME UP

This is for you if:

  • You have tried self-help or coaching and it's worked for a while, but you eventually find yourself back in patterns of sabotage (scarcity, imposter syndrome, people pleasing, etc).
  • You are tired of producing things in your life from a place of stress or chaos and want to understand how to truly do it in ease.
  • Your traumas, or past experiences constantly come up and keep you in a 'spell of smallness'
  • You want to slow down, stop moving so fast, live simpler, while still accomplishing the missions on your heart

This is not for you if:

  • You want a to fix everything in one session and move on: The nervous system HAS to move slow to stay regulated. This is a huge opening for you to continue tracking your safety and start caring for your nervous system.
  • You want to leave with a plan or a regimen to follow so you can ensure results: The nervous system is not linear- this will be a commitment to starting to listen to your body and emotions to see what it needs in every moment! 
  • You want me to tell you what to do so you can be "saved" from your situation: In this deep walk with me, you will be HELD while leading the exploration into your inner world of safety. You will be returning home to yourself to find your OWN authority.


Over the last 6 months it's been incredible to observe myself unfolding into a deeper understanding of being me. I've felt present and connected to who I am, why I am here and where I am going just like the very day I was born. The trust I feel internally and knowingness of my life is a gift and I am so grateful that my system landed in this space.



Kari has helped me to stop bypassing my emotions and slow down long enough to process what is going on underneath them. Doing this work has helped me reconnect with my feminine energy and discover the Medicine and Wise Women that have been trying to get out! This work is allowing me to express myself more fully from a centered place in all aspects of my life, personal and professional.


Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • 2 x 2 Hour personal session with Kari
  • 2 weeks of follow up via Telegram app for integration and support 
  • Learn Distinctions and foundational practices, uniquely chosen for you, based on what emerges in your session
  • Follow up email with uniquely crafted practices designed for you
  • Replay of session.

2 payments of


  • We understand that this might be a big investment for you at this time and we are happy to offer this experience with two payments via automatic debit/withdrawl 
  • This offer includes everything mentioned in the left-hand column




Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Kari Azuma.

I am an intuitive nervous system surgeon.

I am a certified coach from the Newfield Network Institute and have coached executives and board members of influential companies, entrepreneurs, mothers, coaches, and leaders in the health and wellness sectors.

Previously, I specialized in coaching mothers through my program The Integrated Woman and my retreat, Threshold, by using a unique style of coaching grounded in nature connection work, breath work, ritual, linguistic distinctions, somatic practices and powerful execution of action steps toward a declared vision.

Most recently, I realized that the culmination of my work has led to where the root of most of our choices live; the nervous system. I now supports ALL women in excavating layers of safety patterns through a combination of deep intuitive work with the subconscious, somatic practices, and traditional ontological coaching.

My mission is to support true feminine leadership by helping women build massive safety in their bodies in order to courageously live their values.

"I’ve been doing personal development for over 15 years and nothing has moved the needle like the nervous system work Kari provides. I'm no longer overriding my inner wisdom and  I'm able to make clearer decisions based on my intuition and deeper knowledge. It's as if my emotional capacity and tolerance has expanded beyond my expectations.  I’ve never known safety in myself like this before and I’m so excited to see what lies on the horizon as I step into this new powerful body, mind, and soul."

- Jennifer, Holistic Health Coach and Entrepreneur

"This work really supported me in a very challenging time in my life. The permission I was given to be me and to be seen and understood, without judgment, and given guidance without being held to a ‘fire’ was a really refreshing direction from what I have experienced before. This put me into action much quicker to do what I was procrastinating on, because I felt safer to take action on it, rather than being pushed into action I wasn’t ready for. I’m excited to continue this work with Kari!"


Are you ready to start building safety from the inside out?

Learn how to build safety within your that NOBODY can mess with.

 Money, a partner, a 7-figure business, a car- NOTHING outside of you will bring you to the moment where you FINALLY feel okay- that is what we have been sold. It's time to access a new option- to create your own safety within.

This is the path to true power and sovereignty, and I can't WAIT for you to see what that feels like!