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The Nervous System Reset: Discovering State

Ready to stop depending on all the Nervous System ‘fixes’ that help you feel better for a few hours, only to find yourself back in your stress patterns a few days later?


Let's replace nervous system coping with the skills to engage powerfully with your mind, body, and emotions

So you can create a deeper and more sustainable path to inner safety, shall we?


Introducing The Nervous System Reset: Discovering State. A 4-Week immersive teaching experience if you're ready to go


Coping with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm


building a skill set that deeply supports your understanding of how inner safety works so you can invite more peace and presence into your daily experience.

Like many of the women in my resets, I’m willing to bet you are already an accomplished and powerful woman.


You’re motivated and self sufficient, yet you feel like you have over-extended yourself to get where you are, and you wonder how you will move forward without falling into the same patterns of:

  • Being fear driven and stress-motivate in your daily tasks: over-giving of time, energy, & effort, despite how organized you get or how much you block your time.

  • Not trusting or hearing your own voice over the noise of what you have been told to do to 'succeed,' and doubting that you have what it takes to get to where you really want to go.
  • Solving things at the level of the mind unsuccessfully, when actually your body is speaking volumes to what it needs, but you don’t have a language or skill set to translate the body’s wisdom

  • Putting out the most immediate fires, just to find that they keep stacking up to no avail, leaving you in a constant catch up with life.

  • Staying frozen and procrastinating on things you REALLY want to do, but feeling like 'pushing yourself' is the only way to get it done.

  • Bleeding money into more programs that initiate action, without getting to the root threats that are causing you to sabotage, procrastinate, or go into compare and despair or self doubt when the promise of resolution doesn't 'stick.'


Here’s my promise: this is not another program to just teach you practices on how to regulate. It’s so much bigger than that!


Have you ever heard the proverb "give a man a fish he will feed his family for a day, teach him HOW to fish and he will feed them for life?" Well, I want to teach you how to fish, so to speak.  It’s great that nervous system curriculum support has made it to the mainstream, but I see it being commodified as something that is a “quick mend” and another way to fix ourselves.

Here’s something important to know: temporary regulation practices are only a small percentage of what it takes to understanding regulation.

I want to teach you principles that have CHANGED the way women see themselves, their patterns, and their blocks when they leave my in-person resets in Austin. I want EVERY WOMAN to have these skills and this knowledge.


So let’s learn how to ‘fish’ so you can go from:


Living and surviving from constantly ‘fixing’ and putting out fires

to exploring a deep relationship with the wisdom of your body and intuition to make aligned, confident choices in your life.




Relying on the external wins in your life - the perfect person, situation, paycheck, etc., to rescue you from feeling unsafe

to experiencing a deeper sense of trust in yourself and in the rhythms of life through a more engaged understanding of your nervous system and perceptions of safety.


Isolating yourself with self-help books or nervous system hacks to constantly ‘better yourself"

to learning alongside a powerful community of women who are holding inner safety as the new wealth, and learning leadership skills to scale in life with more ease in their bodies.



The Nervous System Reset Online is adapted from the phenomenal LIVE circle that I have held in Austin, that began creating a deeper dialogue between women and their nervous systems.

So many women were blown away by how much all of their blocks started to make sense in a way they had never been taught before... they didn’t feel reset by temporarily finding regulation, their whole system was reset into a brand new way of understanding themselves.

"My work with Kari has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve been doing personal development for over 15 years and nothing has moved the needle like the nervous system work Kari provides. All the work I have done has been stopped at a threshold and the nervous system coaching has helped to put all of those practices into working order."


I get it- I'm guessing you feel like you've exhausted every mind-set, self-care and regulation trick in the book and nothing has had that lasting quality.

So where do you go from here?

Let this bring in some relief...

You are tuning into something that SO many women are feeling right now, especially women who have invested deeply into their success. Survival is becoming much more common than actually enjoying and receiving what is already here in your life.

But we are band-aiding our stress responses and not getting to the root places where, despite our best efforts, we still feel unsafe or uneasy.

Sound familiar? Here’s what took me some good deep, expensive lessons to figure out...


You can gather all the skills, tools and mindset strategies in

the world,


but if there are threats in your BODY, signaling

that moving forward with your dream is unsafe,


then your nervous system’s desire to keep you out of danger will ALWAYS win over your well-intentioned strategies to get ahead.

So I have to ask you,

wouldn’t it be nice to understand how safety uniquely

works for YOU, by learning WHY your nervous system takes

over and runs the show in the first place?...


Instead of gathering more one-size-fits all hacks or

methods to try to manage stress after it’s already arisen (again)?


The Nervous System Reset Online Experience




It is an intimate, easy, interactive environment where you will learn a new skill set to understand how ‘threat’ emerges in your body, so you can start building a relationship with your nervous system that supports self-leadership and a bigger sense of inner safety.


This program is designed to:


Introduce you to the “states” that your body experiences when your nervous system
is in reactivity

So you can gain a deeper understanding of how fight, flight, freeze, and fawn are
actually useful signposts (through sensations, moods, thoughts) that your nervous system is using to communicate with you (Goodbye, by-passing!).


Introduce methods to connect your mind and body to work together

to understand why you feel threat, deep fear, or numb-ness, so that you can work with those states in your body, instead of collapse and hide from your greatest goals and desires.


Use the knowledge of Fight/Flight, Freeze & Fawn to find more regulation without having to constantly process the ‘story’ to death

So that you can address the threats that are sabotaging you from taking action in your life without the blame and shame that derives from our mental drama


Give you clarity on why other coaching or therapy modalities may not have worked

to change your patterns in the past, and why you are still experiencing anxiety and overwhelm.


Provide you with a skill set to approach the way you lead your life

in a softer, compassionate, yet extremely powerful way, so that you can motivate from healthier places, (rather than from stress, creating pressured deadlines, or beating yourself into action).


Support you in moving the needle what you have been procrastinating on,

putting off, or burning out on so you can start building self trust and create the amazing things you are ready to create.


Since the last thing I want to do is overwhelm your nervous system,

my promise is to keep this easeful, simple, yet RICH. The nervous system actually needs to move in slow, bite-sized steps.


So here’s what I can guarantee WON’T be part of this experience:

  • A bunch of homework or self-reflection that overwhelms you and makes you feel like
    you’re falling behind.

  • A series of action steps that jolt your nervous system into a ‘break-through,’ but ultimately leave you feeling lost and hungry for more ‘shifting’ a week later.

  • A regimented practice that will support your body in temporary relief, but not get to the root safety cues that are leaving you dysregulated and anxious in the first place.

  • Being asked to abandon what feels safe inside your body in order to ‘grow.’

  • A promise to “fix” you, because there is nothing to fix! You are coming here to be empowered with a skill set to connect the dots on your own safety and you will see how powerful that can be!

In the Nervous System Reset Online Experience, you will be empowered in the most tried and true way; by educating yourself!

And this is not just any education, it’s the education of YOU.

You’re literally learning about the unique operating system that is running in your body. It’s about time you get to know it in a more intimate way.


How do we achieve this?

Online Course Format

  • 4 two-hour content rich group calls with live deepening practices **Note: Replays will be available so that you can metabolize this course at your own pace.
  • 2 Q&A zoom sessions to deepen your skill set
  • Private support group in Telegram
  • A community of women who are committed to learning and growing in a NEW paradigm of leadership 


Teaching Calls:

  • March 27th: 4 PM CST (2 PM PST, 5 PM EST, 9 AM AEST)
  • April 3rd: 2 PM CST (12 PM PST, 3 PM EST, 7 AM AEST)
  • April 10th: 4 PM CST (2 PM PST, 5 PM EST, 9 AM AEST)
  • April 17th: Rest/ Integration Week
  • April 24th: 2 PM CST (12 PM PST, 3 PM EST, 7 AM AEST)

Q & A Calls:

  • April 4th: 4 PM CST (2 PM PST, 5 PM CST, 9 AM AEST)
  • April 25th: 2 PM CST (12 PM PST, 3 PM EST, 7 AM AEST)

** Questions can be sent in ahead of time if unable to make it.
** Replays will be available for all calls

In this course you will:

Make deeper connections on how the mind and body interact to put you into fight, flight, freeze and fawn states

and to support your body through those states instead of by-passing them and pushing through to the next marker of success that you think might ‘rescue’ you.






to actually move the needle on what you really care about, rather than stressing or bracing your body to get it done.

A note from Kari:

This course is designed to give you value, whether you are live or watching the replays. I understand that we can’t always make it work when the time is delivered, so don’t stress, my friend. This amazing learning is here for you no matter what!

Still deciding if the reset is for you? Here are some words from past clients who have experience this first hand:

"Looking for the right words to describe the impact working with Kari has had on my life occurs like it wouldn’t do it justice. Nervous system work is slow and happens in the practice. It’s in the slowness that I learned that I can connect to myself and produce more in my life. I am quicker to trust my decisions and intuition. I’m more aware of where I’m operating from and what I’m really creating in my life. I can now say what I want and what’s showing up for me without worrying about how someone else is going to feel about it and without feeling like I need to run and hide. I can quickly return to the feeling of being me in each and every circumstance and this is a gift that keeps giving.


"I had the pleasure of attending Kari's in-person "Nervous System Reset" and it was amazing! The three hours spent in Kari's class helped me understand the root of my healing practices over the past couple of years. I left feeling grateful, energized, and motivated to learn more about the nervous system and to continue practicing what I had learned that day. Kari's passion for the subject matter shone through in her warm and open delivery of a wealth of information. She created a comfortable space for us to express ourselves and share real-life examples. Kari was incredibly generous with her knowledge and answered all our questions with honesty and care, allowing the circle to flow organically."


"Kari is not only the well of information when it comes to the nervous system, but also has a lived experience of being a mother, and walked her own path of going from a type A perfectionist to a nourished and well-balanced woman. Working with her helped me lay foundations for changing the way I parent, relate, respond to stress, and set the foundation for my business success. Kari helped me to understand a survival state in postpartum, and gave me tools to navigate the depression and mental challenges after the birth of my twin boys. I am so grateful for Kari’s work, the immense value that she provides."


Real talk, my friend

I brought the Nervous System Reset online, so that you can step into these realities and empower YOURSELF. This is a revolutionary way to heal old patterns and lead your life from inner safety.

It’s time to educate yourself on the unique design of your body and your safety. You deserve to get out from under the one-size fits all growth models and come home to deeply understanding yourself.
I’m ALLL in if you are!

Here's what's you get:

  • 4 two- hour teaching and somatic sessions with Kari

(value = $3,997)

  • 2 Live Question and Answer sessions with Kari

(Value $1,000)


Total Value: $4,997

Your Investment: Only $347


Just Joining? Bundle with the last course!

Grab this opportunity to add the previous course, The Fundamentals of Inner Safety, for just $99 (only when purchasing alongside this current course) to enrich your understanding of this curriculum!

$699 value for $444

Your Investment: Only $444


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Kari!

I am a certified coach from the Newfield Network Institute and have coached executives and board members of influential companies, entrepreneurs, mothers, coaches, and leaders in the health and wellness sectors. Previously, I specialized in coaching mothers through my program The Integrated Woman and my retreat, Threshold, by using a unique style of coaching grounded in nature connection work, breath work, ritual, linguistic distinctions, somatic practices and powerful execution of action steps toward a declared vision.

Most recently, I realized that the culmination of my work has led to where the root of most of our choices live - the nervous system. I now support ALL women in excavating layers of safety patterns through a combination of deep intuitive work with the sub-conscious, somatic practices, and traditional ontological coaching. My mission is to support true feminine leadership by helping women build massive safety in their bodies in order to courageously live their values.

In my career, I studied under and supported elite coach Scott Coady, in his program The Art of Leadership Mastery, one of the top Somatic Leadership programs in the country. I also studied under Julio Olilla, founder and master coach of the
Newfield Ontological Institute in Colorado. I have worked side-by-side with authors/speakers and coaches Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos in their programs: Stretch 22, Business Breakthrough, and Bridge. Most recently, I studied under the priestess, Elisha Halpin, in her revolutionary work that has influenced the deep-root nervous system
methods in my leadership coaching.

My background includes leading and facilitating Rites of Passage work for individuals, assisting with life transition, leadership, and personal growth through powerful individual and group coaching. My biggest soul trainings have come from my two children and involvement with the Native American church, which has supported my path for almost a decade.

What Monique says

Kari's strength and leadership as a coach is tied to her vulnerability. She isn't afraid to go wherever she needs to go to serve her clients. In addition to her extensive training and forever posture as a student, her life experience and where she has said yes to herself is incredibly rich for the way it informs her coaching, because she has journeyed herself. This has yielded a remarkable woman who continues to unfold with a strong spine and open heart to share, to nurture, and to guide others with her medicine.

What ann says:

Kari helped me move through some of my biggest fears, reconnect with my joy and passion, and get more honest with myself. She is an extraordinarily gifted and skilled coach, and through our work together I transformed. I am experiencing profound and wonderful ripple effects in every aspect of my life. 



Standalone Course


Discovering State

  • 4 two- hour teaching and somatic sessions with Kari (value = $3,997)
  • 2 Live Question and Answer sessions with Kari (value = $1000)
  • total value = $4997, you pay $347



Discovering State + Fundamentals of Inner Safety

  • $699 Value, you pay $444
  • Discovering State Live Course (everything shown to the left)
  • PLUS Fundamentals of Safety Recorded Course
  • Special one time offer

What's the benefit of Bundling?

I built the curriculum to work as a standalone course; however, these classes were
also designed to build on each other and the work is most transformative when it is
layered together. For the most comprehensive understanding of inner safety and how
the nervous system works holistically, I have bundled the previous course at a
significantly lower exchange to enrich your learning so you can experience a deeper
integration through the material.


Still deciding if you want to bundle?

Here's some praise for the first Nervous System Reset, "The Fundamentals of Inner Safety" course:


When I signed up for Kari's Nervous System Reset class, I was at a place in my life where I knew that tending to my nervous system was absolutely crucial to my well-being. For months I had been searching for a mentor or teacher to help me unravel what was happening. A lot of what I saw was either too far beyond my financial means, or way too medical model simplistic. This class was such a dewdrop of clarity and support. I was able to get beautiful insight and clarity into so many areas of my life! It's like I've been looking at individual threads- in my body, in my mind, in my emotions and trying to heal each but Kari's class offered a view of the entire tapestry. I can now see how allthese aspects of me including the 'hard parts" weave together. I have new compassion
and gentleness with myself as a result.


In working with Kari in the Nervous System Reset I was able to not only understand but feel how my safety cues show up in my body and how it informs both my actions and decisions. The calls were packed with tons of content/ information broken down into easily understandable concepts/ language as well as experiential practices. We were not just talking about the body and our nervous system but we were actually feeling it. As each class went on, I felt more compassion for myself because I felt like there emerged a deeper understanding of my body’s inner dialogue and my safety patterns.






I’ve had multiple exposures to nervous system work in the past and they were all fine, but not life-changing. When I was introduced to Kari, early in 2023, she presented this work from a different perspective. It was deeper, more personal, and it finally clicked for me. I left that session in awe and full of excitement over the treasure trove I had just discovered. One taste of this work, and I knew I needed to explore it to its depth. Kari feels like an old friend, is intuitive and knows this work inside and out. She has walked me through many challenging situations and brought clarity and offered invaluable insight. My life is better because of Kari’s coaching. The Nervous System Reset Online is easily worth triple the price. I can’t wait for the next series!


Imagine what it would feel like to

Take some of the guess work out of why you feel “off,” anxious or worried on a daily basis?

Be able to see that all the ‘bad patterns’ you’ve been condemning weren’t all from a bad mindset or failed motivation, but from simply this missing link of how safety is connected in your nervous system?

Stop saying yes when you mean no because you fear missing out, being rejected, or not wanting to let others down?

Feel more SPACE inside of your body and freedom to choose what really excites you?